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Enriching Learning Environments: The Power of Play, Reflection, and Agency

As adults responsible for our youngest citizens, we are privileged to live among humans in the midst of life itself, standing before a blank canvas. Sadly, much of what passes for modern education is an attempt to paint that picture for them. When we do this, we risk robbing not just the children, but ourselves of the opportunity to discover the new world that these children are creating for themselves. Better, I think, is for us to strive to allow each child to give their own life its unique shape and meaning, which is what play-based learning is all about.  Teacher Tom The eb and of flow of school life provides opportunities to shift gears, look back, and contemplate. Thinking about the richness of the many contexts that I encounter, I feel grateful for the opportunities to reflect deeply on how the environment plays a pivotal role in shaping a child's learning journey. Effective learning environments are those that provide abundant opportunities for children to actively engage

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